Hey there, future mr. & mrs!

We know you have a lot of decisions to make. Wedding planning can be crazy, stressful, and sometimes downright frustrating. And let's be honest, there are plenty of wedding photographers in Atlanta to choose from. So why would you choose us? Great question.

If you're looking for a team that cares not just about your wedding day, but about the images you treasure and look back on for years to come, that's us. If you like people who are a mixture of goofy, friendly, and loyal, that's us. Our goal is to come alongside you, encourage you as you step into this grand new adventure, and capture meaningful images that will do the same.

Coffee, our treat!

Are you interested in learning more? Maybe just want to make sure we aren’t crazy? Let’s meet up for coffee! We love meeting our couples in person, hearing their love stories, understanding their vision for photos, and celebrating with them! We’ll guide you through our process, answer any questions you have, and treat you to a free cup of Joe. Contact us to get the party started!