Wedding Guest Group Photo | Tips & Tricks

We've talked with many couples who like this idea, but until this weekend, we never saw it actually done. And to be perfectly honest, it's a little bit of a feat to capture your entire guest list in one giant group photo. How on earth can you get everyone in one awesome photo without grumpy guests and a frustrated photographer? Here are a few tips to help you plan your GIANT group photo in a way that makes the whole process seamless and fun. 

1. Communicate Clearly 

The best idea we've seen for this is simple: Use your programs to communicate the timing and location for this group photo. Everyone will have one in hand, and if they haven't read it, we guarantee someone sitting next to them has. To top off the program communication, ask your officiant to reiterate this information at the end of the ceremony. 

2. Photograph Early

Don't wait until the end of the reception to snap this group photo. Rallying the guests will get progressively more difficult, especially when some may have already started to leave. We suggest capturing this photo at the end of the ceremony. If there isn't a great location for a ceremony photo, plan it for early in the reception, and it never hurts to loop your DJ in for extra help in communicating this to guests. 

3. Scout Locations

The best angle for a large group photo is .... drumroll ... ABOVE! Take a look at the locations available to you on your wedding day, and take note of any places where a photographer might be able to shoot from a window, balcony, staircase, or porch. 

4. Make it Quick!

Don't drag it out. Know how you want your guests to pose, communicate this upfront, take some rapid fire photos, and let them get back to the party. This way you'll get their best smiles, best reactions, and a happier group photo. 

Hats off to Theresa and David, whose wedding was our inspiration for this blog. 

Got any other tips and tricks to share? We'd love to hear from you!