Josh & Jenna's Waterfall Wedding

It takes moxie to plan your wedding day for August in Georgia, but when we pulled up to Josh & Jenna's wedding venue in Cedartown, we couldn't have imagined a more picturesque location. The ceremony was tucked in a field between a cascading waterfall and towering old ruins. Guests crossed a long footbridge over a stream as they walked towards rows of white chairs, facing the falls. Everything felt so secluded and intimate, not overdone, but radiating with natural beauty. 


Our favorite thing about Josh & Jenna's wedding was the moment everyone goes to a wedding to see. Jenna walking down the aisle, Josh taking off his glasses because he can't hold in the tears, and every. single. person. smiling as widely as humanly possible. It might only really be 25 seconds of the day, but for that 25 seconds, everything else seems to hush, and we hoped our cameras would capture just a fraction of the raw emotion we were witnessing.  

After the ceremony, the newlyweds danced back down the aisle, and shortly after, the heavens opened and it rained. But you couldn't rain on Josh & Jenna's parade. Even if plans moved around on the timeline, they were married. Done and done. 

The exit was just as sparkly as the entire day. Josh and Jenna drove off into the night with their bags packed for Ireland. Can you imagine a more perfect honeymoon destination? We think not. Cheers to the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Jack!