Atlanta wedding photography

Santiago and Tanya's Wedding at Circle B Venue

Let’s TACO bout how rad Santiago and Tanya’s wedding was, okay? Okay. A few months before the big day, we met up with Santi and Tanya over coffee in Woodstock to chat about their story and their vision for wedding photos, and we quickly realized that not only was this wedding going to be beautiful, but these two had the sweetest and most adventurous love story and their marriage would be just as beautiful, if not more, because of all the things they’d weathered together.

The wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. Circle B’s airy and bright venue was bustling with energy when we arrived, but Tanya was the definition of calm, a steady smile permanently on her face, tucked into a corner of the couch to finish up her vows while the rest of us swirled around her. Downstairs, long family-style tables were covered in greenery and flowers, decked with perfectly mismatched china plates, and outside chairs were set in a semi-circle facing a stone fireplace where the ceremony would begin in just a few hours.

We spent some time taking photos with each side of the wedding party before Santiago sat down at the piano blindfolded for a moment with Tanya before the ceremony. The two laughed a little, cried a little, and prayed together, while we quietly tried to capture it all. During the ceremony, Santi and Tanya, surrounded by bridesmaids in shades of lavender and groomsmen in tailored suits, planted a tree together, and the recessional was a celebration all it’s own - you’ll see.

The reception was a full out party. Taco assembly lines, colorful Columbian dancing, margaritas, and the sweetest round up of toasts ever heard. Santiago and Tanya cut into a concrete styled cake from The Jade Bakery, shared one last slow dance as a friend serenaded them from the piano, and were cheered out the door surrounded by sparklers and friends. And with that, we’ll let you get to the photos!


Matt & Maggie's Greenhouse Engagement Session

It's early Sunday morning, and we have a sunrise greenhouse engagement session in Atlanta on the books. Clay and I are moving slow, prying our eyelids open with oversized mugs of strong coffee while keeping tabs on the sunrise. But hey, in our mind, adventurous couples are worth getting up early for. After first meeting Matt & Maggie, we couldn't have been more excited to work with them as they prepared for their wedding. M&M are the kind of people who are pretty much down for anything, and they even heard us out when we threw them a few curveballs. We weren't sure where we'd end up, but we sure do love meeting couples who are up for a new adventure. 


We've been looking for a couple who would be into the greenhouse idea for a hot minute. There's a spot we scoped out in Atlanta that has the dreamiest forgotten and overgrown greenhouse. It's especially beautiful in the morning, hence the coffee. What made the shoot even dreamier is how perfectly Matt & Maggie dressed. I don't know how you really plan to dress for a greenhouse shoot, but they hit the nail on the head. Props, y'all. 

After some photos in the greenhouse as the sun came up, we spotted a cute side street that would be the ideal place to twirl around in the middle of the road. Clay's a bit of a loud talker, and we had to remember it was reaally early on Sunday morning and people are still trying to sleep. But enough about us. Take a peek at a few of our favorites from the morning.


We hope you enjoyed this little peek into Matt & Maggie's engagement session! Photos like this make us super pumped to hang out with these two on their wedding day - so stay tuned! Let us know which photo is your favorite - and cheers to all you wild and adventurous folks! We get you!