Santiago and Tanya's Wedding at Circle B Venue

Let’s TACO bout how rad Santiago and Tanya’s wedding was, okay? Okay. A few months before the big day, we met up with Santi and Tanya over coffee in Woodstock to chat about their story and their vision for wedding photos, and we quickly realized that not only was this wedding going to be beautiful, but these two had the sweetest and most adventurous love story and their marriage would be just as beautiful, if not more, because of all the things they’d weathered together.

The wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. Circle B’s airy and bright venue was bustling with energy when we arrived, but Tanya was the definition of calm, a steady smile permanently on her face, tucked into a corner of the couch to finish up her vows while the rest of us swirled around her. Downstairs, long family-style tables were covered in greenery and flowers, decked with perfectly mismatched china plates, and outside chairs were set in a semi-circle facing a stone fireplace where the ceremony would begin in just a few hours.

We spent some time taking photos with each side of the wedding party before Santiago sat down at the piano blindfolded for a moment with Tanya before the ceremony. The two laughed a little, cried a little, and prayed together, while we quietly tried to capture it all. During the ceremony, Santi and Tanya, surrounded by bridesmaids in shades of lavender and groomsmen in tailored suits, planted a tree together, and the recessional was a celebration all it’s own - you’ll see.

The reception was a full out party. Taco assembly lines, colorful Columbian dancing, margaritas, and the sweetest round up of toasts ever heard. Santiago and Tanya cut into a concrete styled cake from The Jade Bakery, shared one last slow dance as a friend serenaded them from the piano, and were cheered out the door surrounded by sparklers and friends. And with that, we’ll let you get to the photos!


Joey & Tori's Autumn Wedding at Rose Hall

Joey and Tori said “I do” on a Saturday in November, an Autumn day full of sunshine, belly laughs, and donuts. From the outdoor ceremony where the lovebirds stood in a gorgeous gazebo surrounded by friends and family, to the intimate seated dinner under strings of lights , their day was stress free, magical, and a perfect celebration of their love story. Did we mention the wall of donuts? Yep, that happened too.

We’re usually the ones who try to keep people laughing while snapping photos, but Tori’s quick wit had us laughing nonstop behind the cameras. Also, Joey’s groom style was ON POINT. Rose Hall was glittering with golden leaves and blooming rose bushes everywhere, and it was an ideal place to capture photos for such an easygoing, good looking crew.

We could say much more, but we’ll let the photos do the talking! Enjoy a few of our favorites from Joey and Tori’s big day!


Josh & Graci's Wedding at Empire Mills

Josh and Graci’s wedding was special for a lot of reasons. They said “I Do” on the same exact day in July that we did, and celebrating our anniversary while capturing the beginning of their adventure together was such a cool combination. Emily and Graci go way back. The friendship started as bus buddies and partners in crime in the 6th grade, and a happy reunion was had when we sat down with Josh and Graci at Crazy Love Coffee House in Roswell to start planning their engagement and wedding photos.

The sky was sunny and blue on Josh & Graci’s big day, and the air was buzzing with anticipation. The getaway car of our dreams parked outside, shiny and red, and Josh twirled Graci after a smile-filled first look. The chandelier glittered over the two lovebirds as they spoke their vows, and old family photos were mixed with new, displaying the legacy of love that has been passed along over the years. During the reception, we were unexpectedly called to the dance floor as our first dance song played, and Josh and Graci stepped aside to celebrate our anniversary, a kindness we still haven’t gotten over. Guests ate, drank, and were very merry, and after Josh and Graci signed a brick on the wall in the reception hall, they skipped out through the sparklers, shared a kiss surrounded by the people they love most, and glided away in that dreamy getaway car.

We could hardly pick our favorite photos from the day, but here is just a peek into Josh and Graci’s wedding at Empire Mills. Enjoy!

Vendors: Complete Music (DJ), Laurie Lewis (Wedding Coordinator and Florist), BEV Weddings (Videographer), Cindy Patrick (Wedding Cake), Empire Mills (Venue).


Adam & Joanna's Backyard Wedding on Lake Lanier

We knew Adam and Joanna were a fun couple from the minute we Skyped with them. All the way out in LA, they were planning a backyard wedding on Lake Lanier, and we chatted about their vision for wedding photos while they kept an eye on their energetic pups. Adam had a sweet mustache, and Joanna was all things chill and fun. We liked them instantly.

The best kind of weddings are centered around the couple, their relationship, their friends, family, and the things that are most important to them. Adam and Joanna’s wedding day was just that. Adam ran around capturing the day with his video camera, Joanna walked down the aisle barefoot, and after a delicious dinner served from the Four41 South BBQ Food Truck, a wild dance party started in the woods under the glow of string lights. There was no formal or stiff atmosphere at this shindig. It was all laughter, celebration, hugs and giant group selfies, happy tears, and teamwork. Our faces hurt from smiling behind the camera all day, and every time we look at their photos we smile again, because it was just the coolest wedding celebration ever.

We know you’re dying to see the images now, so without further ado, check out some of our favorite images from Adam and Joanna’s wedding day.


David & Lauren's Wedding at Little River Farms in Milton, Georgia

One of the perks of being a wedding photographer in the Atlanta area is that there is no shortage of gorgeous wedding venues. David & Lauren found a perfect, secluded spot in Milton, Georgia called Little River Farms. As their ceremony neared, guests found a spot under shady umbrellas with a cold glass of fruit-infused water in hand, facing the curtained gazebo overlooking a quiet pond. The picturesque ceremony transitioned to the indoor-outdoor reception area. Cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, and celebration began in the gorgeous, candlelit space. David and Lauren were equal parts chill and excited. As Lauren walked down the aisle, arm and arm with her parents, David's smile was so big we couldn't help but join him. After the cocktail hour and dinner, and teary eyed speeches and clicking forks against champagne flutes resulting in a kiss from the bride to the groom, the dancing began. And oh the dancing. We have never seen such an energetic dance floor. David and Lauren exited their wedding surrounded by laughter and well wishes and sparklers, and we couldn't be happier to share their photos with you. Without further ado, David and Lauren's wedding at Little River Farms! 


Logan & Nikki's Wedding at Chota Falls

Logan and Nikki's wedding day was custom fit for them. From the serene, natural surroundings of Chota Falls to their unhurried schedule, the whole day was centered around their love story and soaking up every moment. Nikki and her Dad took a carriage ride together just before the ceremony began, and the two walked down the aisle misty eyed and smiling. Surrounded by family and friends, the two high school sweethearts finally said their vows in front of a picturesque waterfall. Things got real comfortable at the reception, and guests changed into comfy clothes so they could dance freely and enjoy the giant bonfire and s'mores just outside. We could go on, but we'll let the photos do the talking instead. Enjoy this snippet from their gorgeous Spring wedding! 


Matt & Maggies Wedding at The Mill at Yellow River

We couldn't have asked for a prettier day in March. The almost constant rain actually took a break for the sun to come out on Matt & Maggie's wedding day and we were ever so grateful! Matt and Maggie's wedding was equal parts boho and industrial, in an old mill space filled with tall windows and the smell of eucalyptus. (Yes we are living for the eucalyptus wedding trend and we hope it never goes away.) The Mill at Yellow River, like mills typically are, was situated on a river so close that you could hear the roar of rapids from the Bridal suite! 

We followed Matt and Maggie through the day as they got ready, Matt in a Burgundy blazer that made us all wish we owned one, and Maggie looking like a boho angel in her soft white lace dress, flowing hair, and flower crown. Maggie tapped Matt on the shoulder as he stood in the place where they would soon exchange vows, and all of us instantly wished for tissues because it was the sweetest first look ever. 

From the Beatles soundtrack to the guests seated around tables for the ceremony and Polaroid photo booth, we loved how Matt and Maggie created a day that gave us all a taste of what they love. We could go on and on, but we know you'd like to see the darn photos already, so without further ado, check out Matt and Maggie's sneak peek!




Stephen & Katie's Winter Wedding

We stepped inside Grace Community Church on Stephen and Katie's wedding day and followed the laughter downstairs, around the hall, and into the room where the girls were getting ready. Makeup and hair were in progress, dresses were steaming, and everyone was chattering away. For some reason, that first impression captures perfectly the mood of Katie and Stephens wedding day: JOY. Pure, overflowing, uninterrupted joy. Isn't that how weddings are supposed to be? 


As the ceremony began, we stood with our cameras clicking away as Katie floated down the aisle in a wispy, sparkling dress. Stephen couldn't look away from his bride, and there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Christmas trees twinkled behind the two as they exchanged vows, laughing about giving each other "all" their possessions and finally sealing it all with a kiss. The guests cheered, fists pumped in the air, and it was official.  


The party wasn't over though. Following the ceremony, guests and wedding party headed over to a reception at Whitlock Inn, complete with an overflowing buffet, bar on the porch, and lots and lots of dancing inside. Stephen and Katie's exit was accented by ribbons waving around them as they ran towards the limo. We couldn't have imagined a more perfect rainy winter wedding! 


Matt & Courtney's Wedding at Sweet Meadow Farms

We're not sure if we've ever verbalized our idea of the perfect Fall wedding, but Matt and Courtney's wedding celebration at Sweet Meadow Farms in Tallapoosa Georgia raised the bar when it comes to our Autumn wedding dreams. Picture a gorgeous white barn, perfectly nestled between sunflower fields and a small pond. White pumpkins, string lights, eucalyptus, and flickering candles were everywhere, and a beautiful little greenhouse just footsteps from the bridal suite made for some gorgeous photos of the bride and groom. Basically, we fell in love. 


 Matt and Courtney's wedding was equal parts breathtaking and meaningful. Little details scattered throughout the day kept our cameras clicking, and Courtney's face as she walked down the aisle brought a hush to the whole room. We couldn't ask for a sweeter couple to work with, and so without further ado, we hope you enjoy this snippet from their wedding day (as much as we do)!  

Vendors: Stylish Stems Atlanta, Tulla White, & White Magnolia Bridal.  


Best wishes, Matt & Courtney! 

Matt & Maggie's Greenhouse Engagement Session

It's early Sunday morning, and we have a sunrise greenhouse engagement session in Atlanta on the books. Clay and I are moving slow, prying our eyelids open with oversized mugs of strong coffee while keeping tabs on the sunrise. But hey, in our mind, adventurous couples are worth getting up early for. After first meeting Matt & Maggie, we couldn't have been more excited to work with them as they prepared for their wedding. M&M are the kind of people who are pretty much down for anything, and they even heard us out when we threw them a few curveballs. We weren't sure where we'd end up, but we sure do love meeting couples who are up for a new adventure. 


We've been looking for a couple who would be into the greenhouse idea for a hot minute. There's a spot we scoped out in Atlanta that has the dreamiest forgotten and overgrown greenhouse. It's especially beautiful in the morning, hence the coffee. What made the shoot even dreamier is how perfectly Matt & Maggie dressed. I don't know how you really plan to dress for a greenhouse shoot, but they hit the nail on the head. Props, y'all. 

After some photos in the greenhouse as the sun came up, we spotted a cute side street that would be the ideal place to twirl around in the middle of the road. Clay's a bit of a loud talker, and we had to remember it was reaally early on Sunday morning and people are still trying to sleep. But enough about us. Take a peek at a few of our favorites from the morning.


We hope you enjoyed this little peek into Matt & Maggie's engagement session! Photos like this make us super pumped to hang out with these two on their wedding day - so stay tuned! Let us know which photo is your favorite - and cheers to all you wild and adventurous folks! We get you! 

Josh & Jenna's Waterfall Wedding

It takes moxie to plan your wedding day for August in Georgia, but when we pulled up to Josh & Jenna's wedding venue in Cedartown, we couldn't have imagined a more picturesque location. The ceremony was tucked in a field between a cascading waterfall and towering old ruins. Guests crossed a long footbridge over a stream as they walked towards rows of white chairs, facing the falls. Everything felt so secluded and intimate, not overdone, but radiating with natural beauty. 


Our favorite thing about Josh & Jenna's wedding was the moment everyone goes to a wedding to see. Jenna walking down the aisle, Josh taking off his glasses because he can't hold in the tears, and every. single. person. smiling as widely as humanly possible. It might only really be 25 seconds of the day, but for that 25 seconds, everything else seems to hush, and we hoped our cameras would capture just a fraction of the raw emotion we were witnessing.  

After the ceremony, the newlyweds danced back down the aisle, and shortly after, the heavens opened and it rained. But you couldn't rain on Josh & Jenna's parade. Even if plans moved around on the timeline, they were married. Done and done. 

The exit was just as sparkly as the entire day. Josh and Jenna drove off into the night with their bags packed for Ireland. Can you imagine a more perfect honeymoon destination? We think not. Cheers to the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Jack! 

Ryan & Jessica's Vineyard Wedding | Dahlonega, Georgia

Ryan & Jessica's Vineyard Wedding | Dahlonega, Georgia

You really can't pick a more romantic setting for your summer wedding ceremony than a mountaintop vineyard, nestled above the trees in Dahlonega, Georgia. We've had the pleasure of capturing a wedding at Blue Mountain Vineyards before, and we couldn't wait to get back for Ryan & Jessica's gorgeous July ceremony. 

Ben & Katie's Log Cabin Chapel Wedding | Vinings, Georgia

A cheerful white trolley inched its way closer to the front steps of Hotel Indigo for the second time that afternoon. As soon as it stopped, Katie scaled the steps, her white dress held dutifully by the maid of honor. The sun was out, full force, but Katie and Ben had already thought of a fun way to beat the heat. Catch a breezy white trolley across town, complete with icy cold libations and "Despacito" blasting through the air, and you'll certainly stay cool and make some memories along the way.  

Without further ado, take a look at Ben and Katie's wedding day, complete with trolley rides, a ceremony at The Log Cabin Church in Vinings, and a bet-you-can't-help-but-dance reception at The Swan Coach House. 

Cody & Brittany's Sentimental Wedding | Ballground, Georgia

Brittany and Cody incorporated so much sentimental charm into their wedding day. From a sixpence in her blue shoe to her mother's veil gracefully trailing as she walked down the aisle, Brittany's classic taste had us humming "For Sentimental Reasons" all day long. The groomsmen sported tails on their tuxes, and the Father of the Bride impressed us all with his ballroom dance skills for the Father-Daughter dance. 

The Wheeler House is a perfect location for the sentimental bride. Wrap around porches graced with comfortable swings and rockers welcomed guests into the stately white home, and just along the stone walkway was the outdoor ceremony, intimate and secluded. Top it all off with the getaway car to beat all getaway cars. See for yourself when swap through this snippet of Cody and Brittany's wedding day, and maybe hum Nat King Cole's "For Sentimental Reasons" while you're at it. 


Kevin & Tara's Grist Mill Engagement Session

We met up with Kevin and Tara at Grist Mill in Stone Mountain Park around golden hour for their engagement photos and between good conversation, goofiness, and splashing around, the time seemed to fly. 

Before the photos started, Kevin and Tara confessed that they were "awkward" in front of the camera. We were determined to prove them wrong, and triumphant when we looked over images later that evening, because these two are naturals, and so fun to shoot. 

Keep scrolling to enjoy a few of our favorites from their shoot. We can't wait to catch up with them again this fall for their wedding day! 

Wedding Guest Group Photo | Tips & Tricks

We've talked with many couples who like this idea, but until this weekend, we never saw it actually done. And to be perfectly honest, it's a little bit of a feat to capture your entire guest list in one giant group photo. How on earth can you get everyone in one awesome photo without grumpy guests and a frustrated photographer? Here are a few tips to help you plan your GIANT group photo in a way that makes the whole process seamless and fun. 

1. Communicate Clearly 

The best idea we've seen for this is simple: Use your programs to communicate the timing and location for this group photo. Everyone will have one in hand, and if they haven't read it, we guarantee someone sitting next to them has. To top off the program communication, ask your officiant to reiterate this information at the end of the ceremony. 

2. Photograph Early

Don't wait until the end of the reception to snap this group photo. Rallying the guests will get progressively more difficult, especially when some may have already started to leave. We suggest capturing this photo at the end of the ceremony. If there isn't a great location for a ceremony photo, plan it for early in the reception, and it never hurts to loop your DJ in for extra help in communicating this to guests. 

3. Scout Locations

The best angle for a large group photo is .... drumroll ... ABOVE! Take a look at the locations available to you on your wedding day, and take note of any places where a photographer might be able to shoot from a window, balcony, staircase, or porch. 

4. Make it Quick!

Don't drag it out. Know how you want your guests to pose, communicate this upfront, take some rapid fire photos, and let them get back to the party. This way you'll get their best smiles, best reactions, and a happier group photo. 

Hats off to Theresa and David, whose wedding was our inspiration for this blog. 

Got any other tips and tricks to share? We'd love to hear from you!